Contracts & Guarantee

Questions? Feel free to ask me 🤗

All of my puppies leave on a contract with limited AKC registration. I do this to protect them from falling into a bad breeding home. If you purchase a puppy for breeding purpose I will release Full rights once health testing is completed.  Most my puppies leave on a spay/neuter contract & I do reduce the price for this. I do not believe every dog should be bred & if your not a responsible breeder then please Spay & Neuter your pets. I do not allow S/N till puppies are at least 1 year old & give you till pups are 2yrs to have this done. Research shows it’s best for larger breeds to not do early S/N.  I also offer a 30 month health guarantee on your puppy in case anything goes wrong. No matter how much health testing we do, nothing is a 100%. If something goes wrong we will require puppy to be S/N & will offer you a replacement from another litter. We never ask for puppy back but will gladly help rehome if that’s your choice.


Puppy price

Our puppies on average cost $1800 - $2300 depending on the breeding rights or spay/neuter homes. I do discount puppies for spay/neuter vs breeding rights. I also offer a 15% discount for Police & military. My step dad, grandpa & great grandpa were all police officers so I have great respect for our men & women in blue ❤️   
Remember you will have lifetime support from me. All my puppy buyers I consider friends & family. You will never be alone once you join the Darkwing family


Puppy packet & care

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My puppies are born & raised in my home. I post daily updates of photos & videos in our FB Darkwing German Shepherd group!   Once old enough your pups will be introduced to a litter pan & a doggy door that goes outside into my puppy pen. They are socialized by me, introduced to sounds, textures & adult dogs.   I worm at 4, 6 & 8 weeks. Vaccinations at 7 1/2 weeks plus AKC microchip. My Vet performs puppy checks at this time to look for cranium closure, hernia, temps, fecals, heart murmur & testicles.    Puppies can leave at 8 weeks old. I prefer not to ship & will work with you on meeting or delivering your puppy personally! Every puppy leaves with a puppy packet that includes booklet on age appropriate exercise, akc papers, Reunite microchip, copy of contract, toys, safe chew bones, food & a blanket that smells like home ❤️