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SG Darkwing Von Twinks Trinity BH BN CD RE TT TKA CGCA CGCU

❤️ Trinity ❤️

Trinity is my heart & soul ❤️ She was my birthday gift from my parents Bob & Leslie Ober who owned her father Andre Von Parkseite. Trinity was born May 20, 2012. Together we learned how to train & show! We conquered the AKC ring in Obedience & Rally. Then participated in Schutzhund earning our BH. She is now retired after giving me 4 gorgeous kids to carry on her genetics! Stoick, Squirrel, Freya & Astrid will make her proud!


Protection training

Trinity had so much fun doing protection training. I began searching for a trainer when she was 4-6 months old due to her craziness 🤣Turns out learning obedience & when to turn on her protection was a huge bonus. As they say, all dogs bite. Mine now know when to & when not to 




Health Tests

A2 Hips & A1 Elbows.                                    Heart & Eyes OFA Clear.                                  DNA Tested DM Clear.                                       SG Conformation Rating                             Passed Temperament Testing


Trinity’s Titles

VP1 is a puppy conformation Rating she earned in USCA (United Schutzhund Club of America)                                                             SG conformation adult rating in USCA              BH obedience title in USCA                            AKC Titles                                                           BN Beginner Novice Obedience Title                 CD Companion Dog Obedience Title                RN Rally Novice Title                                          RA Rally Advanced Title                                     RE Rally Excellent Title                                   CGC Canine Good Citizen                            CGCA Canine Good Citizen Advanced        CGCU Canine Good Citizen Urban                 TKN Trick Dog Novice                                       TKI Trick Dog Intermediate                       TKA Trick Dog Advanced.                                                TT Temperament Test by American Temperament Test Society


My first love

Trinity is my reason for getting out of bed every morning. ❤️😍

Trinity: Outdoor Activities
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