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Freya  & Lex Pups 6 weeks old

These pups will be amazing! Looks & temperaments❤️

Puppies are here!!🐾🐾  Oct 27 they arrived ❤️ All puppies have homes  If your interested in a future litter please contact me to get a contract to look over. $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot for a puppy. Check Freyas page for all her accomplishments & health testing 


❤️ They’re here! Oct 27 special delivery❤️

$2000 for breeding rghts.                                $1500 on spay/neuter                                     Minus the $300 deposit

Freyas 1st litter was hard. 6 came naturally but the last 3 were taken by emergency cesarean. She did such a good job & is an amazing mom!  She has 5 handsome boys 💙 & 4 beautiful girls 💖!   I’m so proud of my girl 🤗😍. If you want to join our Darkwing family in the future & feel one of our  gorgeous pups will warm your heart, let me know.


Father V Lex Du Val D’Anzin

Lex is a German import V rated IPO3 Kkl         Hips Elbows A2.                                                DM N/A and Freya is CLEAR N/N.                          This is his first litter in the United States!